Our Approach
Our approach is one of pragmatic, objective advice and unparalleled service.
How we work
Investment Philosophy
We take a long-term, pension-style investment approach. Having said this, we don’t necessarily believe that the “buy and hold” strategy is always prudent. We continuously monitor macroeconomic conditions, and we have the ability to adapt quickly to reduce or increase risk in our clients’ portfolios as circumstances dictate. Our tactical allocation approach allows us to revise our clients’ portfolios strategic position, with a focus on risk-adjusted returns, diversification and preservation of capital.
Fee-Based Investment Management
Our fee-based model is for individuals or families with over $150,000 of investable capital. In this model, we charge a fixed management fee directly to the client, and do not receive any compensation or commissions from the investments we manage. In this way, you can be assured we have only your best interests in mind when making investment decisions.
Regular Reviews
We schedule regular, periodic performance reviews to assess your portfolio. Based on market conditions and changes in your personal circumstances, we may make adjustments to ensure we are still on the right track. We want to stay up to date on material changes in your life, as they can have a major impact on your financial plan and strategy.
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